Cost: $25 per room (every room in the building)

Schedule: Every 6 months

Peace of mind for you and your tenants.

CNY Bed Bug Extermination's "Apartment Bed Bug Shield" is a service contract in which every 6 months, we will inspect your building for Bed Bugs and do a preventative treatment to protect your investment against a Bed Bug Infestation in the event a Bed Bug is introduced by a tenant or guest.

When you are protected with Apartment Bed Bug Shield, you won't have to pay for an extermination in the unlikely event a Bed Bug Infestation does develop.

The cost of this service is a fraction of an extermination at $25 a room. This pricing and program is based on the entire building being treated.

We are completely discreet, using only unmarked vehicles.

To qualify for Apartment Bed Bug Shield, there can be no active Bed Bug Infestation in the property. If you do have a current Bed Bug Infestation, you would need to have it exterminated prior to the start of this program.

For more info, email or call us at (844) 697-2847

CNY Bed Bug Extermination is a proud advisory board member of the NYS Bed Bug Association.